Jones remains hopeful of adding to his squad before Cambridge clash

Hatters boss Nathan Jones is keen to add to his squad before Saturday's League Two clash with Cambridge United.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 12:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th January 2017, 12:28 pm
Luton boss Nathan Jones

The Luton chief has already brought Lawson D’Ath and Luke Gambin in during the transfer window, while Josh McQuoid joined Stevenage on loan until the end of the season, but the club’s business isn’t expected to end there.

When asked whether there would be anything happening prior to the weekend, Jones said: “I’m hoping. We’re working hard to try and strengthen the squad, and to try and streamline it a little bit.

“We’re happy with that we have here, but if we can add something that will improve it then we will.

“We’re going down certain avenues to try and do that and if it’s feasible to do then it will happen.”

On what specific position Jones was targeting, he continued: “We’re looking for something that improves us, maybe some of a difference, so if something came up then we’ll be interested in it.

“We’ve got certain targets that are maybe further down the line that we may be able to do now, or there are some things we might feel we need that we could do now.

“But there’s nothing concrete yet. We’d like to add certain elements to our squad and if that becomes available, then brilliant, if it doesn’t then we’re quite happy with what we have as we feel we’re strong at the minute anyway.”

With Gambin signing for an undisclosed fee from Barnet, the Luton board have already shown their desire to back Town’s manager financially during the window, something Jones was fully appreciative of.

He said: “The board and the club have been fantastic and my chief executive, I’ve got a great relationship with him.

“So if it’s something that fits into what we do then they’ll back it. We don’t over extend ourselves, we don’t ask for things willy nilly.

“When we ask for stuff it’s usually to improve us and take us forward and if it does that, and it fits in with the financial side of everything as we have budgetary constraints here and we make sure we fit in with those, as we don’t want to leave ourselves open further down the line.

“So if it fits in with everything we do it, if it doesn’t, then we don’t.”

Although Gambin would have been a free agent in the summer, Jones was delighted he was able to bring him in before the window shut, so Luton will get the best out of the Maltese international.

He added: “I’ve know that since I’ve come here, I’ve had great support from Gary Sweet and the board and that hasn’t changed.

“We earmarked certain individuals who we feel will be investments and I’m not just talking financial investments.

“The club has backed our judgement on this and we paid a good fee for him, a lad who’s out of contract in six months.

“So we could have been patient and just waited, but we felt if we get him now, he gets four months development with us and can help us immediately, which is what we looked to do.”