Lawless: Winning the Hatters fans back was one of my proudest moments

Winning the fans over again at Kenilworth Road remains one of released midfielder Alex Lawless' proudest moments during his time at the club.

Monday, 30th May 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 30th May 2016, 8:53 am
Former Town midfielder Alex Lawless

There was a period in Lawless’ six year career at Luton under former boss Gary Brabin where some supporters had lost faith with the Welshman.

But he won them back with a string of excellent and consistent performances, becoming a firm favourite once more.

Lawless is well aware it’s not always like that as he said: “On a personal level, there was a time where things weren’t going so great for me and when I look back, you don’t see that many players manage to turn it around.

“There’s people that do, but I feel I’m in a small group of people who managed that, and I’m proud that I managed to and very thankful that people gave me the chance to make that happen.”

Lawless felt the backing from the crowd helped him through some tough times too as he continued: “Whenever the chips were low for me, when I had injuries, if games weren’t going so well sometimes then I always felt that I had their support, which is absolutely huge for a player and I didn’t realise how big that was.

“The amount of fans that the club has, it becomes harder if you don’t have it, but it doesn’t half help when you do because of the numbers.

“So it was great and that’s another memory that I’ll always have and wont forget.”

It wasn’t just the fans though that Lawless wanted to thank too as he added: “I’ve got so many close friends and people who backed me and supported me that I would find it difficult to pinpoint, because there would be too long a list.

“The main one is my wife who has supported me all the way through this, encouraged me to make this move in the beginning and it’s a decision I’m glad of.

“There’s people within the club I have to thank individually, a lot of people and they know who they are as well, they’ve been great to me and Amy, which is the sort of support that I’m talking about.”