Lee happy to become an internet sensation

Hatters midfielder Olly Lee is well aware just what an internet sensation he has become since scoring an astonishing effort from his own half during the 7-0 win over Cambridge United on Saturday.

Monday, 20th November 2017, 5:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:03 pm
Hatters midfielder Olly Lee celebrates his moment of magic at the weekend
Hatters midfielder Olly Lee celebrates his moment of magic at the weekend

Lee’s effort that lobbed keeper David Forde was measured at around 70 yards out and reportedly flew from one postcode to another, with a whole host of Twitter sites showing links to it since.

Former England striker Alan Shearer, a close friend of the Lee family having been a team-mate of dad Rob during his time at Newcastle, is one of a number of ex players who have also been in touch via social media too and when asked about the reception his strike had received, Lee said: “There’s been a lot said about it and a lot going round about it, so it’s nice to get a bit of credit for a nice goal.

“There’s been a few people saying nice things, it’s just nice that people are recognising that we’re doing a good thing here and long may it continue.

“It’s been good fun (in training), everyone’s been talking about the goals and a great result for the team, so it’s been a good day.”

The effort has since unsurprisingly been named as the League Two Goal of the Weekend and when asked just what flashed through his mind ahead of taking aim, Lee said: “El (Elliot Lee) was closing down their player, I read the play, got a tackle in and looked up, saw the keeper was off his line, thought why not give it a go and thankfully for me it went in.

“I’ve heard it’s 70, 75 yards, so it was nice that it went it, that’s all I was happy about.”

Had it not come off, then when asked if would have had a word with Lee in training the following day, boss Nathan Jones said: “What we would have done, we would have debriefed it and said that was probably the better ball (to Danny Hylton), or the more likely ball to succeed.

“As he played one similarly right after to his brother Elliot which was 50 yards, pinpoint and that’s the type of quality he has.

“I never try to take kind of stuff away though, I give them suggestions and what we think is the right thing.

“Shooting from 65 yards doesn’t happen very often and his decision was right on that day.

“First of all his vision to see the goalkeeper off his line, then to execute it in such a way shows fantastic technique.

“We know he’s got that technique as we see that every day, but it’s one of those goals that doesn’t happen very often and I’m sure the whole crowd held their breath as it was sailing over the goalkeeper.

“It just shows wonderful bit of quality, wonderful decision making, and it’s a goal that he’ll remember and we will for a long time.”

Meanwhile, dad Rob almost scored a similar goal in his playing days for Newcastle against Brentford, as despite finding the net from inside his own half, it was disallowed.

Lee added: “He got the video up of when he scored, but it didn’t even count, so it doesn’t matter does it? It’s really irrelevant, I’ll have to show him how it’s done!”