Luton Borough Council contact Hatters over Newlands Park development

Luton Borough Council have confirmed they have contacted Luton Town over their plans for Newlands Park after their strategic planning team registered '˜significant concerns' last week.

Tuesday, 15th November 2016, 3:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:04 pm

The club recently submitted planning applications for a new stadium at Power Court, plus the mixed scheme on the land adjacent to Junction 10 of the M1, which would include offices, retail space, a hotel and leisure amenities.

The advice of the council’s strategic planning team was published on their website earlier this week, in which they raised a number of issues with the plans received.

In a statement released by council today, it said: “There are elements of the planning applications, as they currently stand, that need to be evaluated more specifically.

“The planning team is working closely with 2020 Developments to address key areas, for example regarding the impact a retail development at J10 might have on the town centre.

“We have also approached the club to seek clarification over certain aspects of the applications, which is always the case in applications of this magnitude.”

The council was also quick to insist that no decision had been reached as to whether Luton would get the go ahead on both applications yet, as the statement added: “Luton Borough Council wishes to emphasise that no decision has been made in relation to the LTFC planning applications.

“As is the case in any planning application the council does not hold a predetermined view on the outcome and the applications will be considered on their merits.

“The applications are being processed by council officers in the normal open and transparent manner and are scrupulously assessed against the relevant legislation, national and local policy and all other material planning considerations.

“Members of the public and interested parties have been invited to comment on all aspects of the applications and their observations are recorded and form part of the procedure.

“The councillors who sit on the planning committee will have a great deal of information to consider before making their decision.

“Reports are produced by specialist officers who deal with planning applications.

“Not only are these applications very large in their scope but they have attracted a huge level of interest throughout the town and beyond.

“It is only by continuing to work together with all parties that councillors will have at their disposal all the information they need to make a decision that is in the best interest of the town.”