Luton boss continuing to strive for perfection

Hatters boss Nathan Jones is continuing to strive for perfection ahead of Grimsby Town's visit to Kenilworth Road tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 2:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 3:52 pm
Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

The Luton chief saw his side produce a superb display during last weekend’s 4-1 hammering of Wycombe, a performance he felt was their best since he took over back in January.

However, there was no chance Jones letting his players rest on their laurels with the mid-table Mariners in town on Saturday, as he said: “We have to get better, we want to get better, we’re not just going to be content with what we have.

“We’ve done this over a period of time but now we have even longer to try and improve, so we’re not going to be content with where we are and say that performance is good enough.

“There was lots to improve on and we want to get better, we search for perfection, whether we get there is another thing, but what we like to do is keep trying, keep grafting and keep pushing ourselves as individuals, as a group and as a club and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Jones did admit there is a feelgood around the club right now though, with confidence high after Hatters retook their place at the summit once more.

He continued: “I think there’s a real buzz about the place in terms of whether it’s a confidence or just an enjoyment with what we’re doing at the minute.

“There’s a buzz about the place which results bring, that’s anywhere you go, it’s a knock on effect.

“But there’s a real work ethic about them, they want to work hard, want to graft and that’s the biggest thing.

“The environment you create is paramount to everything you do, we have a good one here, we started to build it last year, but now with we’ve got a real good environment.

“It’s a working one, a competitive one, a respectful one and we’re in a good place, we have to maintain it and then get even better

“They want to learn, they want to compete with each other and that’s a healthy competition here and that’s the pleasing thing.

“They are a talented group because they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t, we look for talented players, they’re a real hard working group and that’s the main thing.”

It’s not just the players who are revelling in Town’s excellent start, but on the terraces too with many home supporters admitting their side are now playing some of the best football they had witnessed in recent years.

On the compliments, Jones added: “It is nice, I won’t lie to you. We want to win the game, that’s the most important thing, but we did it in a good manner as we had a good tempo about us and that’s what I want to continue and maintain.

“But we strive to get better because we’re looking at long term and we want to be better.

“We’re nowhere near perfect, there’s lots of stuff we could have improved on the other day and we want to take another step on Saturday.”