Luton boss quick to back midfielder Cook

Hatters midfielder Jordan Cook has been backed to show his true colours in a Luton shirt under the guidance of boss Nathan Jones.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 1:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:04 am
Hatters midfielder Jordan Cook
Hatters midfielder Jordan Cook

The 27-year-old joined from Walsall in the summer of 2016, but despite playing 42 games last term, only scored four goals, never quite hitting the heights expected of him.

It led to some supporters questioning his place in the side, but Jones is confident Cook, who has made three Premier League appearances for boyhood club Sunderland, can show what he is capable of.

Speaking to Three Counties Radio last night, the Town chief said: “Jordan’s come under a lot of criticism, but I believe in Jordan Cook, because he’s a wonderful footballer.

“He has an aggression about him, he’s technically very good, I believe there’s more to come from him.

“If you were too look at almost all of our dominant, really top class performances last year, Jordan’s in the team.

“When you look at Wycombe at home, Jordan’s in the team, Doncaster, Jordan’s in the team, Plymouth away, Jordan’s in the team, Cambridge away.

“He contributes vasts amounts, Doncaster away he scored and he contributes a lot to our play.

“Could he have done more? Yes. But we all could have, I could have done more last year, I’ve had a learning curve last year.

“Trust me, Jordan Cook is a fantastic footballer. Yes he can do more, because if he does play to his absolute ability week in, week out, then he’s above the level.”