Luton boss urges young duo to show their desire

Young Hatters duo Liam Gooch and Alex Atkinson have been urged to take their chances at Kenilworth Road by manager Nathan Jones.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 7:30 am
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 8:32 am
Alex Atkinson
Alex Atkinson

The pair signed their first professional deals with the club last week after impressing in the U18s this term.

Now Jones wants them to do everything in their power to prove they have what it takes to make it, as he said: “Goochie has trained with us regularly and improved steadily. I’ve liked what what I’ve seen, he’s got a good attitude, and he’s a good kid.

“Alex, we’ve given a medium term deal too in terms of a carrot for him to progress and to really show that he wants to be here.

“We’ve offered realistic deals, not a life changing contract that we’re giving out, it’s realistic ones that give them opportunity for talent to develop.

“Now if they want to do that, then the impetus is all on them.

“We will give them a platform, we’ll give them an education, but what they need to bring is a desire and the hunger and the want if you like to be at top pro.

“And if they have that then I’m sure Luton Town is a place then can flourish.”

Defender Kyran McGhan-George was released after not being offered a deal and although Jones admitted it was a tough decision, he felt it was one that needed to be made.

The boss added: “My word is we won’t have passengers and that’s wrong with Kyran, but if we don’t see that they’re going to really impact on us then it’s only fair on them to allow them to go to a place where they can really, really flourish.

“But we have certain budgetary restraints, certain things with our squad that we have to keep tight and if we keep it tight and fluent, real productive, then everyone will flourish and anyone who falls short of that, they you’re just replacing those things, so you’re keeping your productive up constantly.

“We could have offered Kyran a deal but it probably wouldn’t have done him any good, and it wouldn’t have done us any good in the long term, so we have to think about that.

“We wish him all the best, because it’s unfortunate, but I was one that at 19 that got released and if he wants to come again, he can come again, it’s how much you want it.”