Luton boss will contact FA over Hylton dismissal

Luton chief Nathan Jones will be speaking to the footballing authorities for the second week running after Danny Hylton's red card against Doncaster on Saturday.

Monday, 26th September 2016, 1:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:32 pm
Luton striker Danny Hylton
Luton striker Danny Hylton

The striker was dismissed in stoppage time for throwing a litter picker to the ground after not receiving a foul after being pushed over by the advertising hoardings.

Although Jones had no issues with Hylton’s first caution, received for hurling the ball down in the first period, the boss was clearly annoyed by the second yellow card.

He said: “It was a silly thing to do the first one, the second one, I don’t want to get drawn on that as I think it’s poor, it really, really is.

“Now I’ll be speaking to the people I need to speak to about that because it’s the second week on the trot that we’ve been told a certain decision is for, and then clearly it’s not been for that.

“Then when we get feedback its changed, so I can’t really say too much. I’ll be speaking to the authorities about that as I’m a little bit disappointed with that.”

When pressed further about the incident, Jones continued: “What the linesman told me he got booked for, he didn’t do and we’ve got clear video evidence that he didn’t do it.

“Now they’ll look at the video and there’s an element of frustration in Danny’s action which they can say he’s showing dissent, but that’s not what we were told.”

With the Football League clamping down on dissent this season, Jones admitted he has had a word with his players to watch their step, as he said: “We got a referee in as well to do a chat with them as when you slam a ball down, you know you’re going to get a booking, I’ve known that for 10 years, so I never actually did that.

“I did a lot of stupid things in my time, but didn’t do that, so that’s the poor element of it as that would have taken him to five bookings anyway.

“The other thing, is a heat of the moment thing that can be construed in whatever way, so we need to cut those things out as it’s silly.

“Danny plays on the edge anyway, so he’s always going to be liable to pick up ones. So we don’t need him giving authorities a helping hand with just gifts and that’s what he did in the end.”

Hylton will now miss tomorrow night’s trip to Hartlepool and return to four bookings, meaning another ban is almost certain before the November 30 cut-off point.

Jones knows his absence will be keenly felt, although backed either Isaac Vassell or Josh McQuoid to step up in his place.

He said: “He’s a plonker is what he is, but yes, he is, he’s so important to what we do, he’s started excellent for us and a big player for us.

“But this is where we’ve got the squad we have and the ones who are vying for places had game time the other day, so that was the bonus of the Crawley game, even though we didn’t win the game, they have been involved so we hope that one of those take their chance tomorrow.”