Championship experience preferable but Luton chief will scour every market in his search for a gem

Luton boss Graeme Jones will continue to scour all markets in his search for a 'gem' during the transfer window, although admitted a player with Championship experience would be preferable.

Friday, 10th January 2020, 3:15 pm
Hatter boss Graeme Jones

The Hatters boss is yet to make a move since the turn of the year to improve his squad, having been priced out of a number of deals due to spiralling wage demands.

Town were speculatively linked with an interest in Bosnian & Herzegovina winger Izet Hajrovic from Dinamo Zagreb recently by the Bosnian press, as although Jones didn't rule out looking oversea, his main focus will be the domestic market.

He said: “I would always be open to good players, I don’t care where they come from.

“For this particular window, we’re short of Championship experience as a group, that would be a priority, if I possibly could.

"But Championship experience costs a lot of money, it really does cost a lot of money.

“In an ideal world that is what I want and it would be easy now if I had 10 million pounds, believe me.

“Some of the players that have gone in this window so far have been identified and we can’t get them, that’s just the truth.

“I could give you a list of people that I like.

"Now they have to be achievable and so far they haven’t been, but that doesn't mean to say there’s not gems out there and that doesn’t mean to say that we’re not working and that doesn’t mean to say that we’re not looking at all markets.

“But in an ideal world it would be the Championship market with that Championship experience, who knows what’s coming, who’s got Championship games under their belt, recently, so you haven’t got that step up of being robust and being competitive three games a week.

“That would be preferable, where I’d like to go.”