Hatters chief felt striker Adebayo was let down during Millers stalemate

Town manager thrilled to see the recent addition's continued improvement

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 6:30 am
Elijah Adebayo races away against Rotherham

Luton boss Nathan Jones felt striker Elijah Adebayo wasn’t given enough protection by the match officials during Tuesday night’s 0-0 draw against Rotherham.

The attacker was buffeted by a physical Millers defence for most of the evening, none more so when he unleashed a sublime turn on the touch-line and was blatantly bundled over by his marker, only for referee David Webb to give nothing.

It was a bone of contention for Jones, who thought that the deadline day arrival from Walsall had been superb once again, saying: “Someone let him down because he went up and there was an honesty about his play.

“There were a lot of things given against our players that allowed Rotherham to then try and put the ball in our box, so someone let him down because his performance was magnificent.

“The way he runs, his movement, his endeavour and you just want that.

“You can make your own mind up (on who it was), there were certain things that went on that I wasn’t really happy with.

“But it’s probably not the time to say that, as I’ve got a holiday in Cornwall booked and the last thing I want to do is have to pay for that instead.”

Adebayo might have been celebrating his sixth goal for the Hatters on two occasions, crashing one effort against the woodwork in the first half, before slamming over another excellent opportunity late on after a magnificent Town move from back to front.

Jones continued: “It would have been perfect if he had capped that with a wonderful finish at the end from the counter attack as that was a devastating counter attack in pace, in fluency, in everything.

“If that had gone in, you wouldn’t see a better counter attack in world football than that.

“I’m delighted for him and he’s only going to get better, bar someone kidnapping him, he’s only going to get better.”