Hatters striker believes Town could aim for Premier League in Power Court

Striker Danny Hylton believes that a move to Power Court could see the Hatters ply their trade in the Premier League one day.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 7:00 am
Danny Hylton in action against Gillingham

The attacker, who is now in his third season with the club, scoring a hefty 57 goals in that time, was talking after the club were given approval for their mixed use scheme at Newlands Park, needed to finance the new 17,500 stadium, last Monday evening.

Hylton said: “It will be fantastic for the club, as they get to build a new stadium now and will help them kick on and hopefully get in the Premier League one day.

“We’re trying to do our best to get them as far as we can and I don’t know how long a new stadium will be.

“Maybe I should knock on his (Gary Sweet, chief executive) door and try and sign a four or five year contract, so I might get to play in the stadium.

“It would be nice, but it’s fantastic for the club.

“We’re doing the job on the pitch at the minute and those boys are doing the job off the pitch, so it’s great.”

Whether or not Hylton, who turned 30 last month, actually gets to run out at Power Court, is another matter.

The striker added: “We’d all love to be here in four or five years and play in the stadium, it would be fantastic.

“The reality is you don’t know in football where you’re going to be from year to the next, so you just have to focus on the here and now, this season and the coming games.

“If we get to play in the stadium, fantastic, if not, it’s great for the club and creates a buzz for us and an atmosphere for us to play in and we’ll use it.”