Luton's transfer window business not necessarily hindered by Jones' departure

Luton Town's dealings in the transfer window this month won't necessarily be hindered by manager Nathan Jones leaving the club on Wednesday, according to chief executive Gary Sweet.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 10:54 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 10:58 am
Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet
Hatters chief executive Gary Sweet

The Hatters' former boss had spoken about adding two or three players to his squad during January, even bringing in George Thorne on loan from Derby County, just 24 hours ahead of his departure two days ago.

However, when asked if he felt the club would suffer in the window after Jones' decided to move elsewhere, pointing to the addition of Thorne, Sweet said: "Not necessarily, we have always and not just in January, 12 months of the year, 365 days a year, we’ve got targets, lots of targets.

“If one of them became available, that we felt no manager would turn this down, no appropriate manager that’s going to want to come in play our style, would turn it down, George Thorne’s a classic example.

"We signed George Thorne just before Nathan departed and we had the conversation yesterday.

"If we had the decision to do that after Nathan left, would we do that?

“Absolutely, because George is such an exceptional footballer, such a good character, that how could you turn that down? How could you do that?

“So there’s no regret on that, talking to his agent, I was saying exactly the same thing.

“We would still have done that, so we’re delighted that we did.”

Sweet did admit that they might hold fire until a new man is appointed, as whoever comes in, might feel that Town already have enough within their ranks at the moment to continue their promotion push this term.

He added: “With our other targets, we’ve got a little job to do first, so we’re just asking for a little bit of time and space with those players.

“We’ve got to the end of the month to do that, so lets have a little bit of breathing time.

"In that period, if we can identify the right manager, that right manager will also have a list of his own targets that would fit into the way he would like to play and those targets might be better than ours.

“So I think from that perspective, we’ve been looking to bolster the side, we might have a manager that comes in and says that ‘it doesn’t need it.’

“You have to respect that. That’s always good financially, if the manager says we don’t need it, we've got absolutely got the right squad here, lets do it, lets keep it as it is, so lets see.”