McCormack confident Town could cope in the Championship

Although he's only been at Kenilworth Road a matter of months, midfielder Alan McCormack already believes that Town wouldn't look out of place in the division he has just come from, the Championship.

Thursday, 10th August 2017, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:16 pm
Alan McCormack is dismayed to give a free kick away against Yeovil
Alan McCormack is dismayed to give a free kick away against Yeovil

The Irishman made 56 appearances in the second tier of English football for Brentford, before joining the Hatters when his contract came to an end in the summer.

After getting on the scoresheet in what was a stunning 8-2 opening day victory over Yeovil Town, McCormack said: “I look at the team and the style of play that we play, I’ve been in the Championship for the last few years and we aren’t any different to the teams that are in there.

“We’ve just got to be more clinical, tighten ourselves up at times, especially in the transition.

“If we were in the Championship, I guarantee you we wouldn’t be far off challenging top 10 with the style of play we play, players we have and the chances we create.

“Maybe we’d probably get a little bit more punished, so if wanted to be at that level, then we’ve got to tighten things up.”

McCormack himself has brought all his undoubted on-field leadership skills to the side this term too, already looking an absolute integral part of Town’s midfield diamond.

He added: “It’s just who I am, what I do and I probably bark a little bit too much at players and they probably get a little bit annoyed.

“But I know the standards you’ve got to reach and know that for one second you can’t switch off.

“It doesn’t matter what league, what division you play in, if you switch off, you’re going to get punished.

“Over the course of the years I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade and I’ve tried to bring that to the players, that will remain between us, but it’s what I am, what I do.

“For anyone who’s watched me over the last few years, they know it’s how I play and I’m not going to change now because of where I am and who I’m around.”