Town chief foresees plenty of interest in Luton squad this month

Hatters boss Nathan Jones is anticipating and almost relishing having plenty of interest in his star players during the transfer window.

Thursday, 3rd January 2019, 5:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:14 pm
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

The Luton chief has seen Town reject bids for a number of his squad since taking over at Kenilworth Road almost three years ago and expects that to be no different this month.

Jones revealed he is almost hoping that is the case as it shows that things are going well with the Hatters, saying: “I foresee it, I think it will happen, because of the calibre of player we’ve got.

“Whether that is fruitious for them is another thing. I’m not saying I hope we get tested, but if we didn’t get tested I would be preoccupied because it means that we’re not doing the work that we say we do, because we’re a learning club.

“We believe we educate players, we believe we get them at a good price and increase their value significantly.

"We think we do that, we believe we do that, it would be surprising if they weren’t coveted as we think we do good work and we think we improve players here.”

However, if there are bids for players such as James Justin, Elliot Lee and Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu to name just three of Town's top performers this campaign, Jones doesn't expect there to be too many time-wasters.

He added: "I think people realise it’s a strong club now.

“The ones who are coveted are well documented, so I don’t think people would be foolish enough to come in with anything derogatory as they know what a strong club we are.

“Others could be ones who people might think they’ve got a chance of getting and they’ll be dealt with in the same way.

"Most people are very respectful, football is now, the way agents work now, even though they get a bad rep, clubs will speak to an agent now and see what the ballpark is.

“If they weren’t in the same ballpark they won’t come.

"If someone offers 25 pence for James Justin, then he would know under no uncertain terms before he put in that bid then it would be nowhere near what would get him.

"Again it’s a process, as not many people put in cheeky little bids now unless someone’s initially out of contract, or will be out of contract in a few months, and thinking we could get him now, or we could wait for four months.

"I speak to Gary (Sweet, managing director) regularly anyway, we make decisions together and the decision process is ongoing."