England captain Reynolds wins in Norway

Jordan Reynolds, right, was named England captain
Jordan Reynolds, right, was named England captain

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds was victorious once more when fighting for England during their dual match in Norway last weekend.

Reynolds took on Norwegian international Martin Larsen, who has had over 80 fights, as the 20-year-old won all three rounds to triumph on points.

On the bout itself, the Lutonian said: “In the first round, I got straight to work controlling the centre just using my jab to keep him at range and picked my shots very smartly.

“When round two came I stepped it up another gear working head and body.

“As I was hurting him the home crowd were cheering his name so it made me work even harder.

“While in the last round I knew I was winning but I wanted to make it a very clear victory.

“So I counter punched, making sure I wasn’t getting hit and he wasn’t scoring.

“Winning abroad is very hard so getting that win means a lot to be and it can be the start of things to come.”

Reynolds was also named captain of the squad for the contest in Oslo, as he continue: “Before we walked out to the arena the coaches spoke to us all and said they decided who they wanted to be England captain.

“It was a unanimous decision for me and all the England lads shook my hands and were happy for me. It was an honour and I was buzzing.”

Reynolds will next be fighting at Luton Rugby Club on February 12.

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