Linus lights up bout with Guernsey champion

Luton Boxer Linus Udofia PNL-150610-124236002
Luton Boxer Linus Udofia PNL-150610-124236002

Rising Luton boxing star Linus Udofia shone for the Home Counties in Guernsey on Saturday.

The fighter took on and beat the Guernsey national champion James Woolnough, although his team lost 8-6 overall.

Going into the competition Woolnough was the more experienced as he has had 65 bouts compared to Udofia’s 31, but the flare, speed, power and athleticism was with Udofia.

As the Home Counties boxers entered the arena it was apparent they were the away team as the hostile chants rang out through the main hall.

Woolnough started fast and pressured Udofia, Udofia was fighting on the back foot and occasionally got involved with the Guernsey boxer choosing to trade blows before moving out.

In the second round Udofia was boxing more on the back foot and was listening to the instructions from his corner. Udofia was setting traps and Woolnough was taking the bait.

The third round saw Udofia show why he is going to make boxing his career of choice. He was hitting his opponent at will and the Guernsey man was unable to lay a glove on the Luton man.

Woolnough was getting frustrated as the fight wore on because Udofia was fighting his fight of ‘hit and don’t be hit’.

As the final bell rang it was clear to see that the Guernsey man had been in a fight. The final score of the team match was 8 wins to Guernsey and 6 to the Home Counties.

Linus has only been boxing for three years and what he has achieved in this time is remarkable. He moves to a new record of 32 fights with 28 wins and four losses.