Fine effort from Dunstable swimmers at Beds County Championships

Members from Dunstable SC's double gold relay team
Members from Dunstable SC's double gold relay team

Dunstable SC had a wonderful time at the 2019 Bedfordshire County Championships held recently.

In the men’s 200m freestyle, Kieran Murray was fifth in the 16yrs, as was Michael Judd in the O17s, with good swims also coming from Oliver Ellison, Callum Shepherd, Thomas Fantini and Joshua Hamm.

The women’s 100m backstroke saw some sensational results for DSC.

Jess Medlicott was sixth in the 12yrs final, while Lily Swan claimed an excellent bronze at 14yrs level and Jessica Kefford a superb gold, gaining the Bedfordshire Times Cup as well.

Rhianne Carrick collected bronze, while in the 15yrs final, Annabella Vassallo Todaro was fifth.

In the 50m breaststroke, Elliot Kefford made it to the 13yrs final, finishing sixth, while William Hamm just got touched out by 100th of a second in the 14yrs. Walter Hackett won gold in the 16yrs final, Michael Judd seventh in the final of the O17s.

In the women’s 200m IM, Hannah Swan and Bryony Mathias took seventh and eighth places respectively in the 12yrs, with Millie Dudley claiming silver in the 15yrs and Rhianne Carrick bronze.

Elliot Kefford was fifth the 13yrs 50m butterfly final, Hackett claimed silver in the 16yrs event, with Ellison eighth.

The 100m butterfly 12yrs final saw Jennifer Davis win a sensational silver in 1.29.30, as did Millie Dudley, with Jessica Kefford seventh in the 15yrs event.

The team medley relays saw DSC clinch fifth place in the 10/11yrs women’s relay, eighth in the women’s 12/13yrs and ninth in the men’s 14/15 yrs.

DSC’s sensational girls 14/15yrs team comprising of Jessica Kefford, Carrick, Dudley and Ruby Collins won county gold in a fabulous time of 2.11.33.

The blue team was 10th as the men’s Open team finished in sixth.

Top spot in the 400m freestyle came from Bryony Mathias winning a super bronze medal in this event 12yrs. Other fine swims came from Dudley in fourth, Davis fifth, Maisie Humphrey ninth and Lily Swan 10th.

In the men’s 200m breaststroke there was an extremely brave swim by Oliver Bradshaw who despite becoming very unwell, was sixth in his age group in a time of 3.41.26.

In the women’s 100m freestyle final, Bryony Mathias was fifth and Hannah Swan eight in the 12yrs event.

The 15yrs race saw Collins win silver with a new RQT, Jessica Kefford bronze with a new RQT, while Dudley was fifth and Carrick sixth.

In the men’s 50m backstroke final, Elliot Kefford took fourth in the 13yrs, while William Hamm was sixth in the 14yrs final.

Some superb swimming in the 16yrs age group saw Hackett claim gold in 27.93 and earn silver in the Senior Championships too, with Ellison picking up bronze and Shepherd in fifth place, as the final age group had Judd swim to fourth.

Hackett was triumphed in the 200m backstroke in 2.15.04 for bronze medal in the Senior Championship, while Shepherd was fourth in the 16yrs and Judd a brilliant silver in 2.14.52, to finish second in the Senior Championship as well.

In the 100m women’s breaststroke, Hannah Swan was fifth in the 12yrs event and Humphrey eighth in the 13yr age group, Thea Brazel-Hawkins coming ninth in the heats.

The 15yrs race saw Carrick clinch a sensational silver in 1.26.04, while Maia Morgan won bronze in the 16yrs event, clocking 1.22.88.

The 50m men’s freestyle saw Elliot Kefford manage fourth in the final in 29.79 with a new RQT, while Hackett won the 16yr race in 25.93, Ellison finishing fourth.

The women’s 200m freestyle saw Mathias fourth in the 12yrs, with Davis fifth and Hannah Swan 10th.

The 13yrs had Humphrey in seventh, while Lily Swan was 10th and Isabel Tuffnell 11th in the 14yrs, with the 15yrs seeing Jessica Kefford win silver medal, while Dudley was fourth and Collins sixth.

In the gruelling 200m butterfly an unwell James Hose came in a brilliant fifth place in the O17s in 2.27.33.

Hamm was seventh in the men’s 100m backstroke final 14yrs, with Hackett continuing his stunning Championships, winning the 16yrs in 1.00.79 to gain silver in the Senior Championships.

Ellison came fifth, Shepherd sixth and Kieran Murray sevent, as Judd was fourth in the O17s event.

In the 12yrs women’s 50m breaststroke Hannah Swan clinched eighth, while the 15yrs race saw Dudley win a brilliant silver in 38.28, Carrick claiming bronze in 38.88, a medal Morgan replicated in the 16yrs race, clocking 36.66.

DSC’s men’s 200m IM did not disappoint, Elliot Kefford swimming a PB to finish fifth in the 13yrs race, Hackett once more with gold in the 16yrs event, timing 2.23.75.

Kieran Murray came fifth, with Shepherd seventh.

In the O17s event, Judd earned silver in 2.16.39 giving him a silver Senior Championship medal, as Hose came seventh.

In the DSC girls 50m butterfly events, the 12yrs final saw Davis take fourth, while Dudley won gold in the 15yrs race with a blistering 30.74 giving her an improved RQT time, a gold Junior Championship podium position and The Bedfordshire ASA Cup as well.

Fourth was Carrick and Jessica Kefford came seventh, as Jessica Medlicott swum a PB in her heat.

There were just two swimmers in the 100m butterfly finals, Elliot Kefford fifth in the 13yrs and Hose sixth in the O17s.

The freestyle relays also took place as in the 10/11 girls, DSC were seventh, while they were eighth in the 12/13, before winning the 14/15 race with the Whites of Carrick, Jessica Kefford, Dudley and Collins defeating 10 other teams, as the Blues came eighth.

The boys’ 10/11yrs team came seventh, a position they repeated in the 12/13yrds event, the 14/15yrs side coming sixth and Open team in seventh.

Kieran Murray went in the 400m freestyle 16yrs event, finishing fourth in 4.40.52.

In the women’s 200m breaststroke, Hannah Swan finished 10th place in the 12yrs age group for a third long course club record in all of the breaststroke distances.

The 13yrs race saw Humphrey in 10th and Brazel-Hawkins 11th, while Carrick claimed silver in 3.08.43 during the 15yrs event, Morgan eighth in the 16yrs.

In the boys 16yrs 100m freestyle final, Hackett won gold in 56.96, Ellison coming sixth and Shepherd seventh.

The 50m women’s backstroke finals saw Mathias fourth and Davis seventh in the 12yrs event, while Lily Swan was fifth in the 14yrs race.

Jessica Kefford won gold in the 15yrs final, clocking 32.55 to become junior champion and win the Margaret Macfarlane Cup.

Dudley managed silver in 33.98, while Annabella Vassallo-Todaro was fourth in 34.76 and Carrick fifth in 35.07.

There was more success in the 200m girls backstroke for the girls, as Medlicott was fourth in the 12yrs, with Davis fifth and Mathias 11th.

In the 14yrs category, Lily Swan won another bronze in 2.53.51, while DSC took the top two positions in 15yrs. Jessica Kefford taking gold in 2.32.92 and Carrick silver in 2.38.75.

This gave the girls overall gold Junior Championship medal and cup and the bronze medal for junior champion respectively.

Annabella Vassallo-Todaro came in sixth with Amy Shaw ninth.

In the men’s 100m breaststroke, Daniel Richards was ninth, as the 12yrs age group saw Oliver Bradshaw clinch the silver a first ever RQT time of 1.33.66.

Hackett racked up another gold in the 16yrs race in 1.13.86, with Judd taking bronze in 1.13.45.

The final event was the 50m freestyle as Mathias (12yrs) was fourth and Davis seventh.

In the 15yrs final, Collins won gold in 29.31, as Jessica Kefford took bronze in an RQT of in 29.63.

Fifth place went to Dudley and seventh was Carrick.

DSC’s director of swimming Tim Hutton said: “Although smaller in number this year, DSC made up for it in abundance with great team spirit, attitude and hard work. All of our swimming superstars did their club and town proud.”