Red Devils win Luton netball tournament

Luton netball action.
Luton netball action.

The start to the Luton, Dunstable and District Netball League was kicked off by the Open Tournament recently.

With 14 of the 17 teams entering to play at Barnfield West Academy, it was a fitting start to the 60th year celebrations.

There was plenty of local interest, along with an unmistakable ex-England player in Kendra Slawinski turning out for Red Devils.

The teams were split into two groups of seven and played first round games all morning.

At the end of these rounds, the final positions in each group were:

Group One: 1 Red Devils; 2 A Line Flyers; 3 Black Pearls; 4 Seven Up; 5 LB Bombers; 6 Green Tornadoes; 7 LB Comets.

Group Two: 1 Red Stripes; 2 LB Jets; 3 Wyvern Grangers; 4 White Tornadoes; 5 LB Harriers; 6 LB Jaguars; 7 Black Tornadoes.

The winners and runner ups in each group went through to the semi-finals, where Red Devils beat LB Jets 7-4 and A Line Flyers edged out Red Stripes 6-5.

In the final, Red Devils took on A Line Flyers and after a strong start, they dominated the match to triumph 8-4.