Regal Reynolds is crowned King of the Ring

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds
Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds was crowned King of the Ring in the 75kg section at a tournament in Sweden over the weekend.

The 20-year-old took on and beat Ahmed Rossi, Amir Smesem and then Brian Rennie to bring the belt back to Luton, and admitted his success had yet to fully sink in.

Reynolds said: “It couldn’t have gone any better, I ticked all the boxes there and it still hasn’t hit me yet.

“Especially going to Sweden and fighting their number one first, sometimes you’ve got to absolutely outclass them to get the decision, but they’re quite fair out there.”

Home fighter Rossi was Reynolds’ first opponent, as he said: “He’s a 27-year-old man, had over 100 fights and is very experienced, very strong.

“You could tell he had done his homework on me, but I just went out there and boxed, let him come into my jab and just outclassed him.

“In the last round, he was trying to knock me out as he had to win, and I just kept it cool, boxed smart and won unanimously.

“Everyone’s eyes started opening then as I felt like that was my final first up.”

Reynolds was then up against Romanian Smesem, continuing: “He shouldn’t have even been in the ring, for that level.

“He didn’t land a glove on me, gave me a black eye from head-butting, elbowing, trying to just hold.

“It was good to learn from it, but for an elite open class, boxing for that title, he shouldn’t have been in the ring really.

“I broke his heart though, and after the first round he just didn’t want to know and was in survival mode.”

In Reynolds’ final bout, he was against another experienced opponent in Rennie, who had been at Amir Khan’s gym previously.

He added: “He’s a big, strong 29-year-old and with me being 20, I’m strong for my age, but man strength is a different thing.

“I knew he was dangerous as he’s a big puncher and has got a good jab on him, but I just outclassed him.

“I performed so well on the day, after the first round, I adapted my style and he couldn’t handle the pressure, the body shots.

“I won that and then they voted me for King of the Ring, so it’s great to bring the belt back to Luton.”