Reynolds hails Luton public after hometown bout

Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds
Luton boxer Jordan Reynolds

Boxer Jordan Reynolds hailed the Luton public after picking up a victory in his first bout held in his hometown last Friday.

The Lutonian was fighting Harry Scarf as part of the English Boxing Contender Series at the Chiltern Hotel and won convincingly on points.

Roared on by around 350 fans, Reynolds said: “It was mental, absolutely mental, the turn out was great and it all went to plan.

“I could have sold 500-600 tickets, no problems, as they were even turning people away at the door for me, it was crazy.

“I’ve always wanted to come out and fight in my own town. A lot of people know about me and it was good that I backed up what I can do and showed people.

“I went out after to socialise and everyone was so happy, it was mad.

“It took me up another level as Luton and their support, they know how to get behind their boys.”

With the increased support though came plenty of expectation for Reynolds as he continued: “It was a different kind of pressure as for so many people, that kind of fight can go to your head.

“There’s a lot of people who are so talented but when they get to big occasion like that, they can bottle it.

“So you have to be in the right mind-frame and keep cool. I had to block everyone out, it’s hard to do, but if you don’t do it, you lose your focus.”

Reynolds didn’t have it all his own way in the preparation either, with his opponent changed at the 11th hour, as he added: “I was more happy with this one as there was a change of fighter and I didn’t know until I checked Twitter on the morning of the fight and found I was fighting Harry Scarf.

“I had been training for someone else, but adapted in there and just showed I can do it.

“It was a good win and I boxed his head off, threw my jab lively and also had a little war with him as well, but he didn’t know what to do with me either, so I turned up really well on the night.”

Reynolds is now flying out to Las Vegas this week to head to Floyd Mayweather’s Gym and then the world renowned Wild Card Gym too.