Defences on top but Luton RFC lose again

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London One North: Luton 3 Barking 10

Luton fell to a 10-3 home defeat against Barking in London One North at the weekend, in a match where great defending meant no points were scored until the last 10 minutes.

A try from James Blackmore and a penalty from Ben Lloyd kept Luton rooted to the bottom of the table while a penalty from Rick Hobbs gave them a losing bonus point.

The first half saw Luton absolutely dominate possession as Barking struggled to keep them out of their side of the pitch.

The visitors had the first real chance of the game five minutes in as they got a penalty in a decent area for offside but it was kicked wide by Lloyd.

Just 15 minutes later, Luton were awarded a penalty for holding on and this time Hobbs was off target from the tee.

The hosts piled on the pressure throughout and looked to go over, but Barking held on well to end the first half scoreless.

Luton came out well in the second period, again not allowing Barking much possession but it was the 50th minute that a fight ensued between all the players on the pitch.

Official Rogers then resorted to making the players sit down in a circle, and gave them all a telling off as if he was a headmaster shouting at school kids, giving Adam Harris a yellow card in the process.

Suddenly, the momentum had changed and the visitors really brought the game to Luton as they took advantage of the extra man.

Barking came close to scoring, as flanker Matthew Yang prevented a try with a heroic tackle from behind.

The deadlock was finally broken in the last 10 minutes of the game after Lloyd scored a penalty and six minutes later Blackmore went over.

The final kick went to Luton as they were awarded a penalty and Hobbs converted to make it 10-3.

Speaking afterwards, forward Luke Spellen said: “We needed a win but I think the losing streak is uniting us more than anything as we’re fed up of losing.

“Even when we work our hardest, we’re still not coming away with the win so hopefully in the next game, we’ll just keep building and training and it’ll show.

“I was proud and honoured to play with all the lads today. Their effort and their drive to work hard for their team-mates was really inspiring and that’s what a rugby team is all about.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my come back, if you want to call it that, but it was nice to put on a Luton shirt again and go from there.

“A referee making 30 men sit down to have a talking to is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced playing rugby, no referee has ever done it to me before.

“When you’re getting told to sit down when you’re a grown man, by another grown man, it does spark a bit of fury.”

Luton visit Chingford this weekend.