McCool calls on Blues fans to support their town

Dunstable Town boss Tony McCool knew his side were comfortably second best during their 5-0 home defeat to Royston Town on Saturday.

Saturday, 20th January 2018, 8:37 am
Updated Saturday, 20th January 2018, 8:47 am
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Adam Marriott fired a hat-trick and Scott Bridge netted twice at Creasey Park, as McCool said: “We have had some really good performances recently, this however was not one.

“It’s perhaps not a surprise either when you consider that on top of the training restrictions we work with, we had our skipper and vice skipper both out and that took the average age down to 20.

“We showed nerves and lack of good decisions, that’s because a lack of experience can make that happen.

“The players should be fielded at this level with six or seven very experienced players, as it happens and due to our status as the only team in the league without a playing budget, we have none.

“The only way you get better experience is to have the experience and in two years time these players will have that.

“In the meantime, we keep trying, we have a go, we play football and we learn.

“Against certain styles and opposition that play a way they know gets results the guys will learn to adapt their game.

“That didn’t happen Saturday and we gifted them four goals with errors and bad decisions.

With an average gate of just 132 this term, McCool called on the people of Dunstable to help his side, who languish second bottom

He said: “We desperately need help, no question.

“The fans that recovered the club deserve huge credit but they need help.

“It’s virtually impossible to compete in this league and a miracle that we actually do so and have a good go at teams.

“We have circa 60,000 people in this area which is very similar demographics to Hereford, Weymouth, King’s Lynn and double that of Hitchin.

“Hereford average 2,300 at home. Weymouth and Kings Lynn around 700 and Hitchin around 500. Ours is barely 100.

“If we had 1 per cent of our local community come along to support us it would be 600 and we could translate that into a healthy competitive playing budget.

“Most clubs in our league also create income in their clubhouse and we just don’t have that earning capacity so it falls on the shoulders of the same few people.

“I’m fighting for my own reputation and the careers of our talented young players.

“We have all done it for free and I’m fighting to maintain this club at this level which could attract the much needed cash injection.

“But most of all I’m scrapping to keep this great historic club alive and I wish our community would come along and support us, we need them, badly!

“There are going to be some really good relegation battles coming up and we’ve got some excellent footballers.

“At times they have been bullied on and off the pitch, so please come along and even it up, I’m sure you will enjoy it!”