Diverse work but a shared inspiration from six artists

Patricia Latham's work in new art show at Birley Centre in Eastbourne
Patricia Latham's work in new art show at Birley Centre in Eastbourne

Six artists have come together for a summer show at The Birley Centre from July 9 until August 29.

Structure & Surface is an exciting exhibition of new works, curated by Pat Latham, bringing together Elizabeth Claridge, Irene Runayker, Jim Rafferty, Rose Rafferty, Sam Paradela, and Pat Latham, and can be viewed at weekends only from 11-4pm.

The artists have exhibited individually and widely but not previously exhibited together.

They work in textiles, photography, drawing, painting and 3D. Through closely-observed discoveries they share inspiration from attention to surface and structure exploring the limitations and possibilities of materials. The exhibition will comprise contemplative images that will contrast with works inspired by surfaces of corrosion and distressed obsolete industrial waste and the delicacy of creative textile works based on organic forms.

Pat said: “Rose and Jim Rafferty are artists from Tunbridge Wells - ex Glasgow school of art veterans. Rose works mainly with creative textural pieces and Jim works with digital collaged images. Irene Runayker was director of Linchpin Gallery and has shown widely across the world. Elizabeth Claridge’s precise patterned structures and contemplative works have not been shown previously, and Sam Paradela and myself who work detritus and found materials - to create altered states.”