Musicality a true tribute to classics from golden era

Musicality at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre CzbvulsxngnGp5sY_faU
Musicality at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre CzbvulsxngnGp5sY_faU

August 3 was a special date for Eastbourne’s Royal Hippodrome Theatre.

Not only did it mark the 133rd anniversary of the iconic auditorium’s opening, but also the civic night of Musicality: From Music Hall To Musical, a bustling variety show that mixes timeless tunes with modern West End hits.

Expertly directed and choreographed by duo Debbie Hackett and Alex Adams, Musicality is an irresistible bounty for fans of musical history.

From lovely renditions of 50’s classic Underneath The Arches to Laura Siver’s electric performance of On My Own, Musicality never disappoints as both an entertainment and loving tribute to a golden age of music.

Leading the excellent cast is Grant Martins, a wonderful host whose wit is as quick as his tap dancing. His entrance is a delightful throwback to 1950’s matinee, complete with flamingo-feathered kicking girls and crisp tuxedos.

Other highlights include a stonkingly fun rendition of Lambeth Walk and the hilarious Guess The Show, where an audience member is invited to guess what musical is being performed by the cast’s costuming and movements alone.

Whilst geared towards Eastbourne holidaymakers, Alex Adams believes “anyone can enjoy the show”. I can’t help but agree. The potential for a crossover hit is undeniable.

Also in attendance was Madam Mayor, Pat Hearn, who has praised the “smashing” venue and “the very good singers”.

Near the end, there’s a sing-a-long of “Daisy Bell”. They invited us to join, but by then we were having such a wonderful night that permission was utterly unnecessary. Bravo! By Aaron Loose.