Heroic Robin to do battle with villainous sheriff

Robin Hood (Iain Grant) battling with the evil Sheriff of Nottingham
Robin Hood (Iain Grant) battling with the evil Sheriff of Nottingham

TADS Theatre, Toddington

Robin Hood rushes to the rescue at TADS Theatre on December 4, 5, 11 and 12 at 7.45pm, with matinee performances on December 6 and 12 December at 2.30pm.

The story follows young Robin Locksley, who returns to his home town to find that the Sheriff of Nottingham and his evil sidekicks, Block and Tackle, have stolen his father’s lands and burned down the family mansion. And now the sheriff plans to force Robin’s own sweetheart, the lovely maid Marion, into marriage. Robin retreats to a hideout in Sherwood forest, where he is joined by trusted friends Will Scarlet, Little John and Friar Tuck.

When Robin learns that the sheriff has imprisoned Marion in the castle dungeon, he plans to rescue her. He discovers that the would-be pop-star, ‘Poppin’ Prince John’, is planning to host ‘Ye Voice 1245’ in the castle, and soon a daring plan unfolds – featuring a magic potion brewed by the Wise Woman, the Merrie Men in a cunning disguise, and a girl band dressed as outlaws. It all unfolds with the help of a witty dame and the bard Alan Onadole.

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