Nothing Precious about comedian

Kevin Precious
Kevin Precious

Freewheeling comedy compère and former teacher, Kevin Precious is bringing an Edinburgh preview of his new comedy show to the Grove Theatre, Dunstable this month.

Kevin has had a long and varied career, making his first tentative foray into the world of entertainment as a teenage bass player in working men’s clubs.

Since then, he’s compèred at some of the most exclusive comedy awards, played at prestigious comedy clubs such as Jongleurs and the Comedy Café. and is the regular host of Barnstormers Stand Up Comedy evenings at the theatre.

Somewhere between having a falling out with a New Age-y type in Brighton and receiving a Facebook friend request from a former associate who is doing very well and is keen to show it, Kevin came up with musings for a new show.

A spokesman said: “He offers up a version of an old metaphysical idea that may provide an alternative to the hippy-dippy excesses of one and the material bent of the other.”

Kevin comes to the Grove on July 17 at 8pm. Tickets are £10 in advance and £12.50 on the door.

To book, call 01582 602080 or visit