Troupe is going through hoops to entertain you

Bromance - coming to Luton's Hat Factory in May
Bromance - coming to Luton's Hat Factory in May

Never let it be said that Luton is a cultural backwater.

In May we’re being treated to cutting edge performance art par excellence in the form of Bromance, which won rave reviews when it opened the London International Mime Festival at the Platform Theatre in Kings Cross earlier this month.

It stars the Barely Methodical Troupe – three honed and toned young men who have recently graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts. And they are nothing short of sensational.

Beren d’Amico, Louis Gift and Charlie Wheeller have an easy intimacy, personal chemistry and absolute trust in each other that’s essential in this risk-taking celebration of all things blokey.

Their physical skills are breathtaking as they execute a series of dramatic acrobatic and gymnastic moves using a Cyr wheel (metal hoop) which doubles as circular pond, hula hoop and frame depending on the sketch.

But it’s the quirky story line that in turn amuses, enchants and is intensely moving.

Male relationships are at the heart of Bromance where handshakes become handstands and back slaps become back flips.

Audacious, touching, exhilirating and with a great soundtrack, this is a tour-de-force of physical heroics, wittily exploring male companionship and its limits.

It had its debut at the Edinburgh Festival - where it won a Total Theatre Award - and was promptly snapped up by crafty Luton Culture vultures.

> Don’t miss it at Hat Factory on Thursday, May 7 at 7.30pm. Call the Box Office on 01582 878100.